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ντεκολάζ/ décollages*

*14 ντεκολάζ του Σαράντη Αντίοχου

14 décollages de Sarantis Antíocos

14 décollages by Sarantis Antiochos


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*Σαράντης Αντίοχος, “Planning Papers”




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ΖΑΚΥΝΘΙΝΟ ΛΑΪΚΟ ΘΕΑΤΡΟ: “Ρεβέκκα”, μια παλαιά ριζοσπαστική Ομιλία που σώθηκε στη λαϊκή προφορική παράδοση


B. ΤΟ ΚΕΙΜΕΝΟ της καταγραφής του Σαράντη Αντίοχου*


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Sonnet to Zante*

* a visual poem of Sarantis Antiochos / Antíocos / Αντίοχος

    homage to Ugo Foscolo and Edgar Allan Poe 

    en homenaje a Ugo Foscolo y Edgar Allan Poe 

    φόρος τιμής στους ποιητές Ούγο Φώσκoλο και Έδγαρ Άλλαν Πόε


















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* Κριτική του καθηγητή Jonathan C. Clarke για το βιβλίο του Σαράντη Αντίοχου  DAYDREAMING, που κυκλοφόρησε στα Αγγλικά,

σε βιβλιοφιλική έκδοση των Segundo Santos EDICIONES (2017).

*  A review, comments and reflexions on Sarantis Antiochos´ book DAYDREAMING,

by Jonathan C. Clarke.


DAYDREAMING by Sarantis Antiochos is a wonderful collection of short writings which include maxims, aphorisms, epigrammes, short poems and mesostichs. They tell us about how important it is to  be in touch with the simple things in life and not to get too caught up in our own complexities. In the modern world today, we are faced with an ever changing culture, fueled in large part part by advancements in technology and communications.

It´s imperativethat we take time for ourselves to reflect on the things  that are most important to us, like love, intimacy and interpersonal relationships, which give us  a sense of who we are and what are the importnt things in life. Humanity  should not  just be bound by work and social  responsibility. We are natural beings of this  world and, for our own health and well being, we musttake time each day, or whenever time permits, to switch off and let our stream of consciousness take over.

Mr Antiochos reflects this sentiment perfectly in quoting such great writers as Edgar Allan Poe who stated that those who  also dream by day are awakened to many things  that those  who only dream in their sleep are unaware of, and a quote from one of Shakespeare´s masterpieces, the Tempest,  states that we ourselves are the products of daydreams and that sleep is there to just keep us healthy and fresh each day.

DAYDREAMING has eloquently captured what many of the ancient philosophers from Greece to Rome, to the modern world,  have drawn upon in their work; that we are all one regardless of our religious, ethnic or national identity, and we are inseparable in the eyes of God. This becomes self evident to all who tale time from their busy lives to refllect deeply and profoundly on their true purpose in this world{…}.

I was impressed by the depth and versatile use of language which depicts each genre of writing in an appropriate style and gives the reader a clear sense of what each text is designed to convey. Mr Antiochos, himself a writer of the Greek diaspora, is not therefore a native English speaker but he, in his youth, lived a decade in London and is still able to use masterly a wide range of vocabulary and idioms, which embellishes and deepens the meanings and allows the reader to visualize his ideas more profoundly… 


THE BROTHERHOOD OF LIFE -a review of Sarantis Antiochos ´DAYDREAMING by Jonathan C. Clarke




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EPISTOLARIO: Sarantis Antiochos to Noam Chomsky


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ΑΥΡΙΟ στην Εθνική Βιβλιοθήκη της Ισπανίας / Mañana en la BNE


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EPISTOLARIO: professor Thomas L. Blair*

*to Sarantis Antiochos






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ΠΙΚΡΗ ΠΛΗΓΗ μικρή Αρετή. Σαν βάζεις το γιορτινό σου

φουστανάκι και κατεβαίνεις περίπατο στην προκυμαία,

νά ‘τανε πάντα έτσι γιορτή! Μικρή Αρετή. Αρετούσα μου.


Σαράντης Αντίοχος.





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