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ΠΡΟΣΩΠΙΚΗ ΗΜΕΡΟΘΗΚΗ: Ζακυνθινά πρωτοσέλιδα


από την εφημερίδα “Ζάκυνθος”, περίοδος Α’, (1962-1963)

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ΠΡΟΣΩΠΙΚΗ ΗΜΕΡΟΘΗΚΗ: Ζακυνθινά πρωτοσέλιδα

από την εφημερίδα “Ζάκυνθος”, περίοδος Α’, (1962-1963)


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Reseña de helenista D. José R. del Canto Nieto, sobre el libro de Sarantis Antíocos, VENTANA AL MEDIODÍA, publicado en la modalidad de bibliofilía, por SEGUNDO SANTOS EDITOR, Cuenca 2018.

Κριτική του ελληνιστή José R. del Canto Nieto για το βιβλίο του Σαράντη Αντίοχου ΠΑΡΑΘΥΡΟ ΣΤΗ ΜΕΣΗΜΒΡΙΑ, που εκδόθηκε στην Ισπανία στη σειρά των βιβλιοφικών εκδόσεων του SEGUNTO SANTOS EDITOR.

Πηγή: ERYTHEIA, 40 – 2019, σελ. 485-488.


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Romantic Byron: His Last Visit to Arquà Petrarca with Teresa Guiccioli (1819)

Letters from the exile

Countess Teresa Guiccioli

After his visits to Arquà in 1813 and 1818 (see my previous post here), Lord Byron returned to this beautiful village a fourth time, even though he didn’t write about this in his letters and journals. His last visit was in fact described by his mistress, Teresa Guiccioli, in Vie de Lord Byron en Italie (there are different versions of this book), where she recounted their itinerary through the lanes of the village, as well as their homage to Petrarch’s House and mausoleum. Teresa passionately wrote her memories, remembering how Byron admired the landscape, the view to the long plain and the plantations surrounding the Euganean Hills.

It was in September 1819, on their way back to Venice from Ravenna, that the two decided to diverge to Arquà. Teresa’s description is really moving and the tone hides a nostalgic memory of the happy moments spent…

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Countess Albrizzi’s Venetian Salon, with Foscolo, Canova, and Byron

Letters from the exile

Élisabeth Vigée-Le Brun (1755–1842), Portrait of Isabella Teotochi Albrizzi (1792)

Not very far from St. Marks’ Square, in one of the buildings facing an ordinary courtyard called Calle Michiel, Isabella Teotochi Albrizzi (1760-!836) hosted one of the most famous salotti (salons) of eighteenth century Venice.

Plaque outside Isabella Teotochi Albrizzi house (my pic)

Isabella Teotochi Marin Albrizzi (nee Elisabetta Teotochi), was born in the Greek island of Corfù (then part of the Republic of Venice), on June 16th, 1760. Italian writer and lover of arts, among her guests there were such names as Ugo Foscolo, Antonio Canova, Vittorio Alfieri, Vincenzo Monti, Ippolito Pindemonte, Madame de Staël, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, George Gordon Byron, Walter Scott, Sir William Hamilton, as well as ambassadors, scientists, artists, and politicians that visited Venice during their Grand Tour.

In 1776, when she was only sixteen, the Countess married the noble Venetian Carlo Antonio Marin, but…

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ΦΩΣΚΟΛΙΑΝΑ: Ugo Foscolo in Regency London (1816-1827): Holland House, His Houses and the Cenotaph

Letters from the exile

Ugo Foscolo Cenotaph in Chiswick, London

Here for the first time in my life I have learnt that my name is not entirely unknown among mortals and I find myself accepted as though I were a man who has enjoyed unsullied fame for a century
Ugo Foscolo, writing from London


The Arrival in London: Holland House in Kensington

When in 1816 one of the Italian servants at Holland House informed Lord Holland that an Italian by the name of Ugo Foscolo had arrived in London, his fame had already preceded him. This celebrated poet and writer, who can be said to have expressed in literature the smoothness and classicism of Canova’s sculptures, was already known in England for his novel Ultime lettere di Jacopo Ortis (The Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis), published in 1811 by an Italian bookseller and publisher in London. The novel was at first dismissed as…

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Παρουσίαση του νέου βιβλίου του Σαράντη Αντίοχου ή – τετράδιο Α’

από τον ποιητή Διονυση Σέρρα, στη Ζακυνθινή εφημερίδα ΕΡΜΗΣ , 30.8.2019.


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